Fetty Izak #wwebandots

Fetty Izak[1] Wwe bandots[2]
Real name: Mukisa Isaac
Born: 12/02/1999
Fetty Izak is the or CEO of the record label known as
Wolila Wofila_Entertainment bandots abbreviated as WWEbandots[3] records
It's a hiphop record label which hopes to introduce urban trap hiphop to the world 🌍
Fetty Izak is a hustling nigga living ysl who grew up Kampala with big dreams of making his record label the Dopest hiphop record label compared to the likes of maybach Def jam Mabala Noise Entertainment Young money shady Aftermath
Marital status: Married To The Money 💵
Fetty means money 💵 💵 💰💲in the American slang
Then Izak (Isaac) just wanted to be unique from other Isaac's of the world
He introduces himself 'They Call me Fetty Izak hEaVy_qUaN' zoobandots my gang
Inspired by the hiphop artist known as Fetty Wap best known for his breakthrough song Trap Queen not only the song but everything he stands for including Remy Boys 1738

wwe bandots

“Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Mukisa izak and we are the reapers that bring death to this era of lies.”

“This world can be such a cold, cold, dark and lonely place if you allow yourself to be blinded by all these illusions. What are you so afraid of man? Fear not the army of wolves lead by the sheep. Fear the army of sheep led by the wolf! And ain’t you tired of runnin little lamb? I think it’s time for you to come on home.”

“They’ve been lying to you, man. There